Robservations for June 28, 2018

28 Jun

The community based around the Colum-bia Valley is incredible. Yes there are a few smaller communities but everyone still knows and often helps each other. I have really missed it.

I am very blessed to be part of this valley. There are so many things that I love about the people and the area that it is hard to describe them all.

Of course, having The Valley Peak puts me in touch with a lot of you and you all have to read (well don’t ‘have’ to I guess) about my thoughts, feelings and experi-ences. Including my health stuff.

I have been trying to get out into the com-munity as much as possible these couple weeks since I arrived home. I love how many folks will come up and say ‘Hi’ and ‘How are you feeling?’ People actually care (or give that impression anyways).
It does help to have a handsome basset hound along with me. Watson has become quite recognizable around the valley. It is funny how many folks get excited to meet the ‘infamous’ writer of the Waddle.

So thanks to everyone with a huge heart in this valley who have given me a hug, fed me, assisted me and more. Keep sharing your love with all the people around you and keep this valley amazing.