Robservations for June 7, 2018

7 Jun

So everyone has problems, whether they
are based on money, health, relationships,
work or whatever. Everyone.

Unfortunately people are so worried about
being judged that they keep so many of
their issues to themselves. We keep things
bottled up and try to solve everything ourselves.
We think no one wants to get involved
and that no one wants to help.

But I have found, especially lately, that
bringing things forward can be very healing.
I don’t have a lot of very intimate
friends or a partner that I can chat with so
instead I put my thoughts on paper for all
of you to read. It seems to really lighten
the load for me plus many folks become
aware of what I might need and have
stepped up to help me out in many ways.
For some folks, just chatting openly with
your partner is healing.

I have received many emails and notes
thanking me for my openness with my cancer
and kidney journey. It seems to help
people realize that a lot of folks are going
through some heavy stuff.

Just remember that there is a difference
between constantly whining and complaining
versus openly discussing your issues.
And remember to step up and help anyone
that you see could use some assistance. It
will feel good.