Robservations for May 24, 2018

24 May

It is so easy for us to get caught up in the negativity or the world and the people around us. We see a lot of bad stuff on the news and a lot of privileged attitudes on talk shows and whatnot. It teaches us to focus on the negative.

Anyone can tell you about a problem yesterday or something they don’t like or a person that frustrates them. Anytime. It is what we seem to like to focus on.

My question to you is “What amazing thing happened to you yesterday? What beautiful thing did you see? What was a wonderful experience?”

Every day we experience thousands of amazing moments that we just take for granted. Just waking up and having that intricate body perform in any way is very amazing.

I love my dog and he loves me. The fruit trees are in blossom. The lilacs smell incredible. Blue skies and green pastures.

My car started. I had breakfast. A friend called. I met lots of folks on our dog walk. I am alive (that is a big one for me).

My last several months have really helped me grow in appreciation of life and beauty. Everything is beautiful if you let it be so.

I am sure that I have as many issues as most people, whether it is financial, health, family, work or whatever. And I do focus on them more than I should. But my daily life really changes when I realize even a bit of the great stuff that I am missing.