Robservations for March 8th, 2018

8 Mar

We all take risks in our lives. Every single day. Some are much bigger than others. I saw a note the other day about the biggest risk that we all take in our lives.

What is your favourite thing to do? What gives you pleasure in this world? Why are you not somehow incorporating that into your everyday life?

What is the biggest and most dangerous risk? The risk is not doing what you want for your whole life on the bet that someday you will have the money to buy yourself the freedom to do it later.

I quit a huge job in Calgary that was causing so much stress it was incredible. The bank and I owned a house, nice vehicle and all that. And I got physically sick every morning on my way to work. Felt better on payday. Finally quit that one to find a way better life. Invermere.

I remember quitting another high paying job to take over as manager of the Curling Centre. I love curling. The new job was longer hours, less pay and way more actual work. It actually sucked that way. But I was at a place I loved and making a difference to lots of people who loved curling (and many who were learning to love curling). That felt great and I still get many comments on my time there.

And obviously I love what I do now, writing The Valley Peak. It gets me out there. With my health issues I am accepting that there are many things I thought I would do in my life that will never happen. It is not a joyful thought process but it does happen to many folks. Enjoy your everyday life folks.

It means something.