Robservations for February 22nd, 2018

22 Feb

What is the value of what a person does every day? Do you feel you are compen-sated properly for all that you do? Would you do more if you thought it would help the overall well-being of the business, or would you only do it if it meant more mon-ey in your own pocket? Why are you even there? Do you love your job and employer or is it just money to you?

What is a good approach if you think you are worth more to the company than you are receiving?
The best approach would be to be doing an incredible job. Showing that you are a valuable part of the organization. They will never see all that you do but they will no-tice that you are doing excellent work and not afraid to take on something new or unpleasant.

A very poor technique is to talk down your co-workers and bosses. No one enjoys that type of attitude at any level. It is just bad energy. You are better off to help your co-workers. Work with them and make them better.

Life goes much better with lots of people in your court instead of lots of enemies that hope you fail.

And remember that your value as a person will always be more than any monetary value. Share your time and energy with those that care about you and love you.