Robservations for February 15th, 2018

15 Feb

We are all our own worst enemies. It would be wonderful to be perfect in every way but that is impossible. I know that I have so many flaws that I cannot even begin to list them. The problem is that I am very critical of everything that I do.

I get very frustrated with myself when I think that I have not reached my potential whether it is something as simple as a bad golf shot or as complex as a personality trait.

I have been trying to be way less judg-mental as I cannot come close to under-standing the journeys of others. But I still find myself failing on occasion. I am also working on taking responsibility for my own life.
Teddy Roosevelt once said, “If I had to kick every person in the pants who causes my problems, I wouldn’t be able to sit down for ages.”

It is very important to give yourself credit for the awesome person that you are. We all have thousands of incredible traits and skills. We just have to remember them and focus on them to give ourselves that much more confidence and happiness.

Don’t worry about what others are doing or thinking. Don’t worry about anything. Just know that you are awesome.