Robservations for February 8th, 2018

8 Feb

Lots of blessings still coming at me at the perfect time. Literally the same day I lose someone helping with deliveries, I get a note from someone else offering to do deliveries. It has taken a while to learn to accept and make use of all the offers. A lot of folks are making a positive difference in my life and The Valley Peak right now.

Last week I talked a bit about missing great opportunities because I was afraid to step up and say what I was thinking or just saying “yes” to more things. This week I want to add to that on the down side.

How long did I stay in negative situations because I was too afraid to make a change?
How many lousy days and weeks at a job I did not like?

How many long days in a relationship that was nearing completion (they are all fan-tastic at the beginning so it is tough)?

And then life changes. For me it is health changes and I find I may not have the en-ergy to make the needed changes. But it makes me happy that I did actually make many changes that I needed and became less afraid to do so. Should you be chang-ing something to add more happiness to your life?