Robservations for February 1st, 2018

1 Feb

I was pretty invincible a year ago. I felt it was the healthiest time of my life. And I was full of confidence. Life changes. How many times in my life was I too afraid to say what I was actually thinking? How many adventures did I pass on?

How many friendships or relationships were missed because I didn’t step forward just to say ‘Hello’ to a stranger?

How many great times did I miss because of shyness?

How many joys did I miss because of what someone else might think of me?

How many times did my brain and thoughts block my heart and feelings?

A lot, my friends. An infinite number of incredible things that were placed before me (no worries yet, there will be many, many more) every day. Some small, some huge.

So if I seem forward or offensive (basically the same haha) in a conversation, or if I am doing something that you think is a bit off, please don’t worry or stress too much about it because I won’t be worrying too much about what others think.

The moment is now for everything folks. Any moment could be the most incredible moment of your life. If you let it.

How many have you missed?