Robservations for January 18th, 2018

18 Jan

As I am writing this article, I am reflecting upon the fundraiser held for me at The Station Pub last Friday. It is pretty difficult to not have that as my top thought process for quite some time.
From the photos I have seen, it looks like it was a great party with everyone having a lot of fun. That is thanks to a lot of hard work by the organizers. Thank you so much.

Thanks also to everyone who has donated in any way, prizes, time, purchases and all that. I hope that you really understand how you have had an effect on my life.

The funding is great and will really help with costs associated with my treatments. I am forced to do a lot of traveling for dialy-sis involving lots of fuel and maintenance right now and getting back to Invermere means quite a bit more traveling.

But more than the funding, the fact that so many of you have shown that you care about Me and who I am is completely over-whelming. Many of you only know through these pages. Others as good friends.
Knowing that people care is a huge part of the healing process. A very huge part. Thanks for all the positive energy.