Robservations for January 11th, 2018

11 Jan

This column has become a difficult write each week. There is so much going on with my health that it is tough not to focus on that. But really, again I say, the blessings have been crazy.

People have been stepping up to help me in ways that I could not imagine. Many of them are folks that I do not even know. It is hard to understand at times.

It brings me incredible joy to find that there is so much goodness and kindness in the world. And I know that when we are helping someone, it feels wonderful within ourselves. Every time.

It kind of saddens me that it often takes something to go terribly wrong before we step up. We really like to guard our goodness within ourselves. Many times we are very quick to be unkind and judgmental but very slow to be kind. We are almost ashamed to be kind.

Imagine a world where kindness and giving is everyone’s first thought. Imagine helping people and being helped every single day. Imagine how great every day would feel.

Actually forget about imagining it. Just get on it. It is your world if you choose it to be. You can be that person. I can be that person. It is contagious. Everyone can be that person. Get on it.