Robservations for January 4th, 2018

4 Jan

Well so here’s a problem. This is usually a really easy column as it is pretty much a ‘cut and paste’ from last year. ‘Happy New Year’, ‘make a few changes’ and so on. “Be nice to people’ is usually part of my theme also.

So what sort of different thinking do I present in my current situation? I have been told what I am likely to die from (unless I can find another way). Multiple myeloma. But there is no real indication of when. Not for a long time yet, I can assure you of that. I am feeling great these days through the first round of chemo. The dialysis makes me feel really well.

Anyways, how does this change my life? I believe I have been pretty good at seizing and enjoying the moments of life. When I’m not being a jerk, I try to be complimentary and helpful to people as often as possible. There is a lot of joy in seeing someone smile.

So 2018, here I come. Will I be a whiny, bitchy boy who complains about little things? Of course I will, we all will. But I will be more aware of it and do it less often. Maybe find amusement in those things and offer a smile, some support and some positive energy. Be really nice to people and change the world for yourself and everyone around you. It will bring you joy.