Robservations for December 14th, 2017

14 Dec

Christmas is coming quickly and there is lots of hustle and bustle associated with it. This is a tough season. There are a lot of things to think about.

What is important to you at Christmas? For many folks it is about giving gifts. They love to see someone smile as they open a gift.

For a lot of our youth, it is about receiving gifts. They look forward to Christmas as the time of year when many of their wishes are fulfilled. It is almost magical. For many folks, Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ and the wonderful things he has done and promised for the world.

For myself, it is a bit more of a social adventure about relationships. I love Church at this time of year as the hymns become Christmas carols and the messages are easy and familiar. Everyone is pretty loving. I love bumping into people on the street and offering a smile and a cheerful conversation.

I do love finding the perfect gift that actually has some meaning for someone but not just a gift because I have to.

And I love seeing family together. I try to pretend that I don’t enjoy it, but really it is great to see everyone and catch up with their lives.

I hope that you can experience what you love this season. Spend time with people you love and be the joy and light to everyone that you meet.