Robservations for December 7th, 2017

7 Dec

As most of my readers know, I have some heavy health issues happening right now. It is the main thing on my mind so much of my writing will be related to the topic. This current issue has a few articles about it all as I think it is important to share. It may not be the most uplifting issue to read but it will be quite enlightening as you learn a few things. Enjoy.

One of the key aspects to health issues is to look ahead with a positive attitude. Yes, it really sucks and I have spent many hours in a very negative emotional state that has included many tears. It is a necessary part of this.

But in between the negative thoughts I have had so many great things going on. I have reconnected with a bunch of old friends and my family. I have also received a lot of love from my readers, my Church family and all my amazing friends in the valley. I have been amazed to see the number of folks that are touching my heart.

It has made me realize that there actually is a lot of love in the world, we just need the right circumstances to show it. I have had some incredible days because of it. So maybe this is all just a reminder to all of us to be happy, not sad, knowing that we are loved more than we can imagine. Getting a thoughtful note or a caring hug is an incredible experience. And life is very full of incredible experiences and noticing them more has really strengthened my
hope and faith.