Robservations for November 30th, 2017

30 Nov

This is a tricky column to write when my thoughts are all based on the same topic. Kidney failure and bone marrow cancer are quite thought-provoking. But I have no real new news. I am still waiting on the results of my bone marrow biopsy. That will tell us how far into this I am and what is the next step.

In the meantime I am meeting lots of folks very supportive in so many ways. I a also hearing a lot of stories of folks with similar issues and where they ended up.

There are so many folks developing different forms of cancer these days. Something like 1 in 3 people will get it in their lifetimes. I am taking the hit for a few folks and I hope you appreciate that. There are a lot of different triggers but it is basically involved with a fairly compromised immune system.

Our bodies fight off many ‘cancers’ every day with great success but sometimes things go a bit off track.

Again I want to remind you to live every day as if it may be your last. We are all dying from the day we are born so it is important to live fully on the days in between.

Mortality is very real but not as meaningful if you have lived a full life.