Robservations for November 16th, 2017

16 Nov

So last issue I mentioned that I am having some health issues in the form of acute kidney failure. It has forced me to stay in the West Kootenay for a bit as I need to be near the Trail hospital.

Part of the journey is trying to figure out what has caused my kidneys to shut down. Currently the biopsy and other information is pointing towards a form of cancer and the fact that if the kidneys have already shut down, things are quite advanced. Not good news really.

I am not yet sure what my next steps are as far as treatment, etc. but I am sure that I am in for quite the battle.

Which brings me back to something very important folks. I have been very blessed to live an incredible life (not saying it is ending shortly but mortality has come into the picture). I have ‘worked hard at not working too hard’ so that I could enjoy myself every day. I have done my best to help others in any way possible and to find beauty and joy in everything around me. I have made some amazing friendships.

How are you living your life? Believe me, this came out of nowhere and it can happen to anyone. Instantly.

So please, find some joy in your life. Love your friends and family. Do not work yourself ‘to death’ to try to ‘get ahead’. It just may not pay off.