Robservations for October 12th, 2017

11 Oct

I cannot emphasize this enough. Cut people
some slack. Be a nice person. Don’t be
a jerk. You have no idea what others are
going through.

Each one of us believes that we know all
that we need to know and that we are
pretty much always correct. We can’t understand
that someone else may have a
different point of view.

And just as importantly, we don’t quite get
the fact that every day is different for every
person. Someone could seem to have an
amazing life but we have no idea what
they are going through at that moment,
day, week or whatever.

So put some conscious effort into being a
nice, positive, helpful person who can
make a difference in people’s daily experiences.
Don’t be judgmental; you really
have no idea about others’ journeys.
You never really know how your actions
are affecting those around you but if you
are mindfully positive and helpful as often
as possible, you will feel a lot better about
who you are as a person.

Have a great week and thanks for reading
The Valley Peak. That makes me feel