Robservations for September 21st, 2017

21 Sep

I am not really sure that I understand the purpose of government anymore. I had always thought (hoped really) that it was all about figuring out what is best for the citizens and developing programs based on that. But it turns out that I was very wrong.
It seems that it is all about taking away the money of the citizens and randomly spending it on whatever they like. Huge salaries and pay raises, huge pensions, huge expense accounts and more.
The average Canadian citizen is living week to week, dollar to dollar and they just get hit by more and more taxes while the overall cost of living skyrockets.
The education system is failing, the health system is failing, insurance is brutal, electricity is brutal, gas prices are brutal and income taxes are brutal.
Opposition parties are always a total joke. They just oppose everything from the government, whether it is a good policy for the people (which very few are) or not.
Overall, we the people of this province and country are really getting screwed by our rich, entitled government officials and their friends. Just work your butt off and pay your money to the government. Can’t afford new tires or a decent vehicle? Too bad, you have to pay the government first. I am not sure how or when, but at some point, all of this has to change. Citizens are not meant to be slaves of the government.