Robservations for September 7th, 2017

7 Sep

Human nature is quite the adventure and with social media available we get to see a lot of examples of human kind (or unkind). We all think we are right about everything. Actually, we know that we are right.
And usually that means that every other person out there is wrong. They are doing something wrong or saying something wrong. They are just not right.
And it is each of our responsibilities to decide what they should be doing that is different. We feel we have to judge and correct other peoples’ behaviours until they fall in line with our thoughts and beliefs.
I know that I do it. Not as often or intensely as I used to, but I still think I know what is best for everyone. It is a bad feature.
Like most people, I should look within myself to seek changes. I don’t really need to worry about whether or not other folks are doing something ‘wrong’. It is not really my business and it makes me unsettled and stressed.
What if their behaviour is affecting my life? Well, is it really or am I just letting it get to me? That is all within me. It is just something that I have to learn to control.
Let it go. Pick my battles. Etc. Reduce stress by working on my own life and attitudes.