Robservations for August 17th, 2017

16 Aug

Everyone has problems. Some seem more intense than others but we all have things that keep us awake or eat at us from the inside.

A lot of us think we can feel better about our stuff if we carry on as if nothing is both-ering us. We work hard to put on appear-ances. We make sure we are dressed nicely, our hair is good, makeup is done (for the ladies) and more for just a quick trip to the store. We want everyone to look at us and think ‘Rob is doing great these days’.

But it doesn’t matter what appearances we put on. Friends, family and others can still tell. Dressing well does not make you feel good (it might for short term) or make us a good person.

We have to cleanse from within. A person who is good on the inside will always look good on the outside. Face and deal with your issues and your life will change. Be good on the inside and your life will change in many ways.