Robservations for July 27, 2017

27 Jul

We live so much of our lives within our own tiny little brains. Any number of people can be at the same event and every one of them will have a different opinion of what was happening.
Some people will find fault and flaws in the things that they see. Others will find pleasure and perfection with many highlights. But they all actually saw the same thing. They just interpreted it differently depending on their mood at the time, previous experiences or maybe based on certain expectations.
So we should all try to remember that every person is different. Every journey is different. Every thought process is different. Very seldom will you find someone who is thinking the same things that you are thinking.
And we all think that we are right in the way we are thinking. And we may be, but someone else may be correct also.
Give people a break. Rather than deciding what you think someone ‘needs to do’, ask yourself what you need to do to help them out. It is a much better system.
And always remember that happiness has nothing to do with what the world gives you. It is all about your interpretation of what the world gives you.