Robservations for July 20, 2017

20 Jul

Summer brings employment to many students in the valley. For some of them, a summer job is their first experience with working for a wage.
It can be a very nervous time for any of us to go to a new job so we know that it has to be really tough for a teenager. Walking into that first job with no idea of what to expect causes self-doubt for anyone.
So it is important to be very supportive of new members of your team. Whether you are a boss or a co-worker, you are a huge part of the work experience. The best job in the world can really suck if your coworkers are disrespectful and unsupportive. It can affect your work ethic for the rest of your life.
But any job can be awesome if you are working with a team that helps each other out and builds each other up. New, young employees can quickly develop the confidence to go to any job thanks to a positive relationship with co-workers.
Thanks to all of the local businesses who offer employment to the youth in the valley. And thanks to those that take the extra time and effort to make the work experience a good one.