Robservations for July 13, 2017

13 Jul

It is great to see such busy times in the valley. For myself, I am too busy to get to attend many of the events that are happening daily and weekly but I do my best. But yes, thanks to all the folks that are putting in huge volunteer hours to make things happen. It may not seem like it at times but you are greatly appreciated.
It is human nature to be impacted by negativity and criticism. We can be told a thousand times how well we are doing but if we hear a single negative comment or criticism we worry and dwell on that for ages. So it is very important that we minimize our complaining to volunteers, about volunteers, at any event. If you think something could have been done better or differently then step up and help. Going on Facebook and jeering volunteers (or anyone really) is such a pathetic, entitled and uninformed way to deal with things. Get involved. Offer your services. Find out why things are the way they are before you judge and condemn them. Every event has lots of room for more volunteers. Please become one. And again, thanks to all the volunteers in the valley. You rock. I can’t imagine a society without helpful, caring people.