Robservations for July 6, 2017

6 Jul

I remember a time when folks would come to me on a regular basis and tell me that ‘Robservations’ was one of their favourite reads every week. It used to make me feel pretty good as an ego boost and inspire me to carry on (vanity all the way).
Things change over time. Now it seems to be a blt more about Watson’s Waddle. Did you know that the thing hanging down from a Bassett’s neck is called a wattle? A lot of folks say Watson is a great writer.
I remember a time when I would be doing deliveries and folks would chat me up and offer me a beverage or a snack or even a funny joke. It was nice.
Things change over time. Now it is all about Watson. He gets greetings and treats pretty much everywhere we go. I might as well not even be in the room. There are some places that have gone out and purchased dog treats just for his visits. Of course other dogs benefit also but Watson does pretty good out there.
So I have taken a back seat to an incredible hound dog. It’s all good though. I have taken the back seat to many incredible folks through my life. It is a good way to learn and it is always nice watching others excel and succeed. Enjoy your week.