Robservations for June 29, 2017

29 Jun

Happy Birthday Canada. Our Dominion began 150 years ago. We live in a pretty good country although it has a bit of a dark history with indigenous relations.
Enjoy the weekend and have some fun. It will be pretty much the busiest weekend of the year in the valley. Summer is starting and everyone is celebrating.
Be nice out there. It can be frustrating when things are busy and there are a lot of visitors around. But we have to expect that. Just step back, relax and let things happen however they must.
Don’t get worked up about traffic or the way someone behaved in a busy area. Remember that we are all on our own journeys and rarely consider those around us. No one is trying to make your experiences miserable, they are just on their own adventure, trying to make it fun and fulfilling. So be kind, be respectful, be forgiving and you will enjoy your weekend so much more. Be one of the reasons that visitors love to come to the Columbia Valley.