Robservations for June 22, 2017

22 Jun

People are crazy. We let little things grow and fester in our brains until our thoughts are out of control. It can cost us many friendships and relationships.
We must learn to apologize. It is a humbling experience but really, it is not that hard to do. If you have been wrong or done something wrong to someone, be a mature adult and apologize. A lot of folks find it easier to just never speak to that person again. Really?
Another hugely important trait is the ability to forgive someone who has slighted us. We do not have to forget things, but we have to accept that people make mistakes and are usually very regretful. In most cases, the person was just on tunnel vision and was not planning on causing you grief but it turned out that they did. Forgive them. It feels good. Or you can never speak to them again, which is tough in this small community.
You don’t have to forgive people and you don’t have to apologize to people. Instead you can always find new friends but eventually your circle of friends will get smaller and smaller, as will your happiness.