Robservations for June 1, 2017

1 Jun

Stay in the positive zone folks. There is a lot of negative energy out there and a lot of people are living in a very negative head space. The problem with that is that the more negative you are, the more negativity comes towards you. We attract the energy that we put out there.

So if we spend our time worrying about bad things happening then the likelihood of those things actually happening increases. If we perceive someone as a mean person that person will be mean to us. If we worry about our health then we are likely to have health issues.

Life is within ourselves. We are all in charge of our own lives, every moment of every day. We can be as happy and positive as we want to be. If we perceive someone as kind and loving then that is what we will receive from that person.

And you know what? Everyone is kind and loving if we allow them to be. In our hearts, everyone is very similar. We all want to live happy, loving lives with good friends and community.

Here, we live in an incredible community full of amazing people. It is up to us to be one of the amazing people and to help ourselves and others find the beauty within all of us.