Robservations for April 20, 2017

20 Apr

Pride and vanity are quite the part of hu-man nature. When a stranger asks me what I do, I am quick to mention that I write ‘The Valley Peak’. Of course, I am always hoping that they will be quick to mention that they read it.

I get especially excited when they say “Oh, so you are the ‘Rob’ of Robservations”. Then I know I have a regular reader in front of me and it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I am definitely as vain as the next person.

What do you do during your week? Are you raising children, working, learning, retired and having fun or still out there looking for your place?

It doesn’t really matter what you do, as long as you are proud of how you do it. If you enjoy your situation, you should be performing tasks to the very best of your ability every moment possible. The results will always be incredible and you can feel proud and good about yourself.

It is much better than doing a half-hearted job, even if you have folks complimenting you. If you haven’t put in the effort, the praise is pretty much empty. You can be proud of your skills, but not your efforts.
Anyways, it is good to take pride in what you do. Work hard and do the best job you can every day.