Robservations for March 30, 2017

30 Mar

Life does not seem to slow down much for myself and many other folks. Busy, busy, busy, trying to get everything done and keep a tiny bit of cash in the bank. Keeping up with household chores such as laundry and cleaning, trying to do a little bit for the community and just trying to find time to lay back a bit can really fill up a week.

I guess for me, making sure that I find some joy in everything that I do is a huge part of it. I don’t mind being busy if I am enjoying what I am doing. It is just that panic feeling when I have an overwhelming amount of things to get done that stress can hit. I really dislike stress as it is an unnecessary thought process that seriously affects our health.

When I am feeling overwhelmed I like to just go lay down and hope for sleep to take it away. The sleep never comes easy and when I do wake up, the issues are still there in front of me.

I have found it is more effective to just take that first right step. It is just sometimes hard to do, but when you get started, the tasks do begin to shrink and take much of the stress with them. Find some joy.