Robservations for March 16, 2017

16 Mar

What is your status in this world? Are you a contributor? Or are you a consumer? In other words, are you a giver, or are you a taker? Because there is a huge difference between the two.

It is pretty easy to be a taker. We can feel as entitled as we like and expect the world to deliver to us. Often that includes our friends, spouses, employers, family and more. We feel that just by being born to this planet, things are owed to us. Takers are often depressed and disappointed when things do not come their way. Expectations are not always met and that can lead to displeasure. It is just as easy to be a giver. Everyone that you meet has some needs. Sometimes it is just a smile or a compliment, other times you are actually helping someone move. And lots of chances in between. As long as you are giving from the heart, with no expectations of return, life will be wonderful.

Giving feels great and leads to euphoria and contentment. A much different experience than taking.