Robservations for March 9, 2017

9 Mar

This is my most common and impassioned topic. Judgment. We all do it constantly. We judge others, we judge ourselves and
we worry about others judging us. It is not a good thing.

It causes us all stress. The more we judge others, the more we are likely worried about being judged.

Why do we judge people, things and more? Because in our subconscious minds we believe that we look better if others look worse.

But that is not really true. If we want to look better, we should be considering helping others. Making others look good always reflects well on ourselves. Positive comments towards others are so much more empowering than negative ones.

No one out there is perfect. That includes me, you and anyone else we ever meet. And no one needs to be judged for their
imperfections. Most of us are insecure enough without that type of grief from others that have issues of their own.