Robservations for February 9, 2017

9 Feb

This week I am breaking us folks down into two types, the ‘gracious’ versus the ‘entitled’. Most of us are a combination of both depending on the circumstances.

We all receive so many gifts every day. We just don’t always realize it. Time with friends, a smile from a stranger, your children and family, a vehicle that usually starts, a starry night, a meal, a loving pet (atta boy Watson), a pretty flower, a nice song and so much more.

Are we grateful for those moments around us or are we always looking for a bit more? Entitlement would be pretty much the opposite of gratitude. Sometimes we think that everyone and everything owes us something a bit better. Our first thought is that of disappointment rather than gratitude. We wish that everything was better.

Of one thing that I am certain, the times that I am grateful feel a lot better than the times I am feeling entitled. Realizing that pretty much everything is a gift and that nothing is really owed to me is very enlightening. Remembering it in every situation is a lot tougher than it should be but I will keep working on it.