Robservations for February 2, 2017

5 Feb

Nearly every Sunday, as I listen to the message in my Church, I tell myself, “What a great message this is and I need to share it with everyone”. Often I do get the message to the readers in a bit of a roundabout way.

This week’s message was so in line with all that I believe that you are about to get it directly (for the nth time).

Show some mercy folks. Give up on the judgment. It does us no good to stand back and judge or mock others. It does them no good either. Just a bunch of negative energy that will almost always lead to negative results.

Offer up some support instead. Notice the good effort and make a compliment instead. Step up and lend a hand. You will enjoy it.

There are many simple little changes that we can make every day that will change our lives. Just begin with a smile and a warm greeting for everyone you cross paths with. Bringing a smile to their faces will only increase your happiness. And happiness is a good thing.