Robservations for December 8, 2016

8 Dec

This time of year we start to hear a lot about the meaning of Christmas and Jesus Christ. That brings with it lots of negative comments about religion. Many folks will always strive to find the bad in everything.

The thing to remember about the Bible and Christianity is that everything changes with the coming of Christ. It changes from obedience, fear, faith, violence and more to one central theme. Love.

As with almost all religions, it is all about caring for people and loving them and do-ing what is right for others. Of course no one is ever perfect at anything so there is always lots of errors, questionable behavior and extremism.

But the key to it all is having your heart in the right place. Whether you believe in Christ as the Son of God or not, he was a real person who did a lot of good things for the people he met.

We can all learn just from that. Be good. Be kind. Be helpful. Be forgiving. Be hon-est. Be the person who changes the world by changing the days of everyone you meet. A simple little sentence can make a huge difference.