Robservations for November 3, 2016

3 Nov

My thoughts are all over the place today. It is tough to put something meaningful on paper.

The U.S. election is just about over with. A few more days of this painful entertainment. Good luck to all the Americans. Another good run by the Blue Jays. I wish they went the distance.

I really love Watson, my Bassett Hound. He has really added a lot of love to my life. Everyone should have at least one pet in their life.

It is amazing how much easier life has become with 40 less pounds on my body. It took many years of weight gain to finally figure it out. I watch sugar and carbs and walk the dog lots. It actually wasn’t all that difficult once I decided I really wanted it. Winter is close. Curling has started and golf will end very soon. I hate B.C. Hydro and their crazy rates for electricity. I hope the skiers have a great season. Remembrance Day is coming up. It means a lot to me as my father was a huge part of all that.

I am very thankful that all of you folks take the time to read The Valley Peak. I hope it makes you smile every week.