Robservations for October 20, 2016

20 Oct

‘The Law of Attraction’ basically tells us that we receive the energy that we put out there. If we are walking around feeling miserable and expecting the worst, then we will keep feeling miserable and experience the worst.

If we are cheerful or hopeful, then we will experience a much better day and things will fall into place. It is an easy concept to understand but hard to put in place.

Try this: Instead of thinking “Wow, this traffic (or any situation) really sucks”, try thinking “It would be nice if this traffic clears up or gets better”. The traffic may not clear right away but the difference in your own energy will be amazing.

Do you have a friend or coworker feeling down? Try intentionally hoping that they have a good day. You can say it to them or just quietly say it to yourself.

Just keep putting good energy out there. Think positive thoughts and don’t judge people or decide what they ‘need’ to do. Be nice, wish people well, lend a helping hand and always know that life can be awesome if you let it.