Robservations for September 29, 2016

3 Oct

Reflect before you react. It is a pretty good policy to live by. Many times we are confronted with situations where emotions are elevating rapidly. Often this leads to things being said or done that are regretted.

Sometimes it is very hard to control our emotions, especially anger and frustration. We quickly become oppositional and offensive.

We forget that others cannot make us angry; we make ourselves angry at our own perception of something they have done and it was often done with no intent to cause us grief.

Take a step back and think about your next action or statement. Is it really going to help? Are you really going to get satisfaction by hurting someone? Always try to consider the long-term effects of a short fuse. Doing anything based on spite or vengeance will never work out well.

Forgiving, forgetting, apologizing and doing the right thing will always work out well.