Robservations for September 22, 2016

22 Sep

For many years, readers would come to me with thoughts about this column, ‘Robservations’. It was one of the first things they read each week. Kind of a touchy-feely sort of adventure. That has all changed now. Watson has become a much better writer than me.

That crazy Bassett Hound has developed quite the following.

Nearly everyone we meet on the street wants to say “Hi” to Watson and then they tell him how much they enjoy his articles. It is quite entertaining.

Even Trudi goes straight to ‘Watson’s Waddle’ when she picks up The Valley Peak. It seems that the best way to get more readers is to just write about Watson.

So there we have it. Trudi was an amazing addition to my life and Watson is also. We have lost lots of weight together on our walks and he makes me feel so loved that it is incredible. That hound follows me everywhere and he draws people to us when we are together. His one-year anniversary with me is coming up very quickly.