Robservations for August 25, 2016

25 Aug

Are you a good person? That is a pretty open-ended question with many different aspects to it. Do you do what you know is the right thing every chance you get?
Or maybe you are a fairly good person who occasionally does the right thing? Or you could be that person who just doesn’t think that it matters and don’t really care about what is right.

I think many of us move from one category to another on any given day, depending on how we are feeling. A bad mood can be shared pretty quickly.

This is something that we should try to be mindful of. There are so many chances to do good things out there. And it feels very good to do them.

If you see someone in a bit of distress, ask what you can do to help. If you know someone down and out, take them a meal or two.

Buy someone a coffee. Help someone move (Trudi, Abby, Maddy and I are in that process-give me a call if you feel like help-ing haha). Mow your neighbour’s lawn. Visit a senior (many are very, very lonely). Call your parents.

Whatever you want to do to add some positive energy to the world is greatly appreciated. Be the reason that people be-lieve there is good in this world.