Robservations for August 18, 2016

18 Aug

Be grateful and gracious, not jealous. Life brings us all kinds of twists and turns every day. It is quite the journey and we all hope to find joy and happiness.

But our brains seem to get in the way of our happiness. We are given so much in our lives but we are constantly comparing ourselves to others around us. We often find ourselves a bit jealous when our friends or associates succeed.

But we know that feeling jealous will never make us happy. It is our own choice on how to feel about things but we have to learn to control that.

Try mindfully feeling happy for the success of others. Use it as inspiration that we can all succeed in this world. It will improve your days on an individual or a business level.

For a business, if your neighbour is serving a lot of clients, then the odds are that some will spill over to you. The more successful businesses that we have, the more clients we have to share and the more successful businesses we have.
It is a positive circle that we can all share.

So be gracious and happy when you see someone other than yourself doing well. The positive attitude will improve your life.