Robservations for August 11, 2016

11 Aug

One part of human nature that we all share is self-doubt. We all know our own imper-fections and prefer to not share them.

It is crazy how we can be incredible at a job, sport or whatever, and have folks compliment us all day, every day, and we still ‘know’ we can be a bit better.

And then that one person has a problem or complaint about you or your service. Your nearly-perfect world collapses around you. One criticism will erase every compliment you have ever received. It can make you feel pretty bad.

So remember that when you are on the other side of things. It is so easy to find something to complain about amongst hundreds of things to commend. Yet so many of us will choose to complain.

We have to change that. Be the person that you want others to be. Should you give your teammate/kid/coworker heck? Or should you give them help? Be supportive and positive. Make people feel good about who they are and