Robservations for June 30, 2016

1 Jul

Why did I just say that? I really wish that I didn’t say it.

I seem to go through that thought process on a pretty regular basis. I am sure we all do on occasion.

It is much better to think through every-thing that we are about to say. Is it really going to be helpful or just cause hard feel-ings? Do I really understand what is hap-pening or am I just interrupting?

A lot of times we think we know better and that we can tell people what they ‘need’ to do. That is not good. Rest assured that many folks are happier without our input.

I find that I am happier when I focus on my own life and the changes that I should be making. That is where I can make a differ-ence in the world. When my head is in the right place, the whole world is a better place to be (for me anyways and that is what really matters).

And if my world is better, so is the world of everyone around me.