Robservation’s for May 12, 2016

12 May

Once a week I get to reflect on my thoughts and put them on paper for you to read. I am very lucky to get to do that.

It is an eventful time with the evacuation in Fort Mac. Some of the evacuees are in this valley and I am sure we will see more.

It is almost amusing as people use this event for their personal political agenda. They seem to think that it is all the fault of our politicians and if their candidate had been elected things would be better. A lot of false ‘facts’ get put out there.

Trudeau was not necessarily my choice but he was elected quite firmly, so he is my Prime Minister. I can just hope he does what he thinks is best; that is all any of us can ever do.
I have yet to see a politician at any level who does everything the way I want them to. And the longer they are there, the worse it generally gets (sorry I try to never get political but, you know).

Anyway it is great to see all the positive things happening with people pulling to-gether to help each other out. Lots of peo-ple being part of the solution with no ques-tions asked. That is wonderful.

If you look for good things, you will find them everywhere. Or you can be negative and judgmental. We all make that choice hundreds of times a day.