Robservations for March 31, 2016

31 Mar

One of my first ever Robservations.
Learn to listen. Hearing is a beautiful sense but many of us do not use it nearly enough. Once a day, be still, close your eyes, and listen (my fridge is sure loud). Try to do this at different times, in different places, and experience a whole new world that has always been there. Hear the birds, the wind, the garbage truck, the airplane, the waves, the laughter, the voices (hopefully the real ones), the dogs barking, the music playing and the infinite other sounds around you. Bask in the rhythm of the world.
Learn to listen to each other as well. When someone is telling you a story, they will undoubtedly trigger a memory of yours that you desperately want to tell. You can’t wait for them to finish so you can jump in with your ‘better’ story. Try a different approach. Try actually listening to their whole story.
If you do speak, say something regarding what you just heard, show them you were listening. Show them that their experiences are important. Do this with your family, friends and strangers. You will find that your world grows around you. You will find that more and more people will respect you and your opinions and experiences as you have shown them that you respect them. Be a pleasure to be with.