Robservations for March 17, 2016

16 Mar

Who are you? That is an important question that only you can answer for yourself. We are all unique and have been along very different journeys to get to where we are now.
Are you happy with whom you are? Most of us have mixed feelings about ourselves. I like some things about myself but there are several things that just don’t make me happy. But that is another column.
Who do others say that you are? Are you that light in the workplace (school, family, etc.) that others want to be near? Do people gather around you because you make them feel good?
Or are you that mean person at work? You know, the one that can clear a hallway from a distance, or clear a room with a couple of sentences. The person that knows how to do everything and criticizes or bosses everyone around.
We can choose to be the person that we want others to be. The respectful, helpful, fair, positive, lighthearted person that fills a space with good energy. All we have to do is make a few changes on how we think and act. The changes that you want around you must come from within you.