Robservations for February 4, 2016

4 Feb

I really get a kick out of folks who walk around with a scowl on their face all day. You know, the ones that you smile at and they quickly look away, daring not to smile. They are holding a lot of negative energy inside and don’t want to share any of that little bit of positive energy that is hidden in there somewhere.
Remember that our mood is completely up to us. Everyone has a lot of crap in their lives (me included), but it is how you deal with it that is important.
You can walk around miserable and share your negativity all day; It’s a good way to have lots of quiet time by yourself.
Or you can get over yourself and your problems and carry on with life in a happy, positive way. Toss a few smiles around and make others’ days a bit brighter.
If life is so bad and depressing every day, you need to make some changes. Find some joy out there. It is totally up to you!