Robservations for January 21, 2016

21 Jan

Human life is quite the concept. We begin as a joining of two cells and become an incredible complex living organism with millions of cells. We are born and live care- free as children, become rebellious as teenagers, and eventually try to conform to society as adults, often living guarded, serious lives.
Many of us live in a repetitive daily/weekly/ monthly/yearly cycle of working to sustain a living. I am in that same cycle but very lucky in that my cycle includes being very involved in the community and its events, providing me with some variety.
But I often wonder what it’s all about. Where does all of this lead? Really, do we just live our lives and then die? What is the point?
Personally, I have no idea. But I have dis- covered that the more I do for others, the more fulfilled I seem to be. The more I take from others, the worse I feel. Find out what fulfills you and get at it. It’s really the only way to live.