Robservations for January 14, 2016

14 Jan

Reflect before you react. It is a pretty good policy to live by. Many times we are con-fronted with situations where emotions are elevating rapidly. Often this leads to things being said or done that are regretted for-ever.

Sometimes it is very hard to control our emotions, especially anger and frustration. We quickly become oppositional and offen-sive. We forget that others cannot make us angry; we make ourselves angry at our own perception of something they have done and it was often done with no intent to cause us grief.

Take a step back and think about your next action or statement. Is it really going to help? Are you really going to get satis-faction by hurting someone? Always try to consider the long-term effects of a short fuse. Doing anything based on spite or vengeance will never work out well.

Forgiving, forgetting, apologizing and do-ing the right thing will always work out well.