Robservations for November 11, 2015

12 Jan

Imagine life if Hitler and Germany were able to take over the whole world back in the day. Everyone who was not considered ‘perfect’ in his eyes would be put to death. Generally that would include you and me. But instead, Allied Forces responded to the threat and managed to knock down that regime. Many Canadians were in- volved and many were killed or scarred. That is a bit of what Remembrance Day is all about; people who have sacrificed themselves for us, the general public. There have been many wars in many places and many of our Canadian soldiers have gone to be part of them.
My father passed away a few years back but he was a huge part of the Second World War. I remember him staying in con- tact with some of his companions from that time and watching the strong bond be- tween them. It is all hard to imagine.
I hope everyone who is free(that day and everyday) will remember on November 11.