Robservations for January 7, 2016

12 Jan

I have really learned to tone down my New Year’s resolutions these past few years. Like many folks, I am not always that great at following through for the long run. It can really disappoint me year after year.
But I do some reflection and look ahead to some improvements in the way I do things each year. I am fairly satisfied with my progress n 2015 as I worked to lower my weight and became a tiny bit fitter.
My main thought process involves finding happiness (obviously, if you read these columns regularly). I have made some good progress in letting go of things, judg- ing people less, helping people more and being nicer to myself and others. I also have really given up on trying to conform to what is considered ‘normal’ just so I can be accepted. It has made a huge differ- ence in my daily feelings and experiences. I still have some work to do being nicer to some of the folks that I used to think that I don’t like. It takes a lot of the negativity out of my life which adds a lot of happiness.