Robservations for December 10, 2015

12 Jan

Last week I penned an article about my distaste for the financial burden of giving gifts at Christmas. It is nice to give, but not if it is because you feel obligated. My sister didn’t really like that view.
She reminded me of giving gifts that cost nothing. The gift of time, the universal cur- rency.
Share or supply a meal, read to a senior, do some baking, shovel a side walk, put up lights, babysit so mom can go shopping, take someone for a walk or a drive or to a hockey game or concert, or so many other options.
Spending time with others is very valuable. Your time is valuable and it is something that only you can share or give up so it is very meaningful to anyone who receives it. Yes, rather than working 3 hours to earn enough to purchase something, spend those 3 hours giving that person your undivided companionship and attention. You will both really enjoy it.